28 SAT Math Lessons to Improve Your Score in One Month – Advanced Course: For Students Currently Scoring Above 600 in SAT Math and Want to Score 800


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“Each of the 3 books in the series (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) targets students within a specific score range. The targeted nature of these books allows you to choose a course that is a perfect fit for you. This means that you will not waste any time practicing problems that you do not need help with. The Beginner Course is perfect if you are currently scoring below 500 on College Board practice tests.
Dr. Warner has had to teach SAT math prep for 14 years to accumulate the powerful combination of insights and strategies found in this book. Years of experience and a unique approach have led to the ultimate product that outdoes any other SAT prep book. While other books teach general mathematical knowledge, Dr. Warner’s strategies are designed to exploit the test’s weaknesses, which allow students to save huge amounts of time, avoid careless mistakes, and answer questions correctly without any messy algebraic computations.
Dr. Warner understands just how frustrating it can be for a student with a weak mathematical background to study for SAT math. The lessons in this book were designed to build confidence while simultaneously increasing mathematical skill level so that even if you have hated math your whole life, you will no longer dread your SAT math study sessions. The information in the introduction alone is enough to raise your SAT math score up to 50 points before you even attempt one math problem.
There are over 250 SAT math problems to practice with. The book naturally progresses from easier to harder problems. It starts with Level 1 and 2 problems, and then slowly focuses more on Level 2 and 3 problems as the book goes on. Explanations of the solutions are so thorough and comprehensible that even second language speakers can easily follow them.

The course is designed to ensure that students are preparing in the most efficient way possible just by reading the book from cover to cover. No choices ever have to be made. The author has ensured that good preparation happens automatically with no effort on the reader’s part.”